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June was a serious travel month, and the TSA agents at MSY should probably recognize my zebra bag (and occasional flamingo float) by now.

For the record, meet Norris the Flamingo:

A Pink Flamingo cup holder from a bachelorette pool party

I spent the first half of the month with my grandparents in Georgia, so that was basically going home and trying to avoid eye-contact with people I went to high school with 10+ years ago. However, the family time is always valued and morning coffee with Grandpa is my favorite thing next to guacamole….or sushi… I can’t decide.

I also took a fun day-trip to Orlando to visit my friend, Zac, and spend the day at Disney’s Epcot and Animal Kingdom. Orlando is only two hours away from my grandparent’s house, so I took advantage of the June deal Disney had on hopper pass ticket prices and booked it! We spent the day eating and drinking our way across the parks, and we even scored a Fast-Pass for the coveted Pandora ride, Na’vi River Journey.

I flew home from Georgia on June 20th; my flight left from Jacksonville, FL and the plane gods figured Jacksonville to Chicago to New Orleans made the most sense. I sat comfortably in my aisle seat with my headphones keeping out the sound of crying babies, and listened to my audio book, The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. It was probably the longest, most out-of-the-way route I could have booked for myself.

Once I arrived home, I exchanged dirty underwear for clean underwear, and set out my luggage for the very next day. My next flight was a quick turnaround, and I was headed for Indianapolis! Now, this flight took me from New Orleans, to Orlando, to Indianapolis. I had officially made a complete circle of the Eastern United States in less than 24 hours; I’m quite proud.

As soon as I landed in Indiana, I was reunited with my best friend! I was also welcomed to Indy by a torrential downpour; never again do I want to be in a midwest thunderstorm, especially while looking for a Chick-fil-A.

I arrived a day before everyone else, so Sam and I set out for some sushi and drinks to catch up and celebrate her big day. She took me to her favorite restaurant, and when I go back, I must eat there again because DAMN, it was delish.  We devoured the menu at Blue Sushi Sake Grill located in the Ironworks Hotel. They had rolls for the sushi connoisseur, as well as for vegans and vegetarians! I was simply in love. I documented our rolls to brag to my husband, and I think he contemplated running away with the dogs out of jealousy.

Sushi spread from Blue Sushi Saki Grill in Indiana for my best friend's bachelorette party


Not only was the sushi plated all pretty, it was out of this world! Excuse me powers of the Blue Sushi Sake Grill, I want one brought to Covington, please. They had pretty fabulous martinis, as well.


I wasn’t exactly a tourist in Indianapolis, I was living the local life. Sam introduced me to Meijer, which is basically a Target on steroids. I refused to call the store by its real name; I just couldn’t roll it off my tongue and who the hell doesn’t add an ‘S’ to the end of the name. Since the name was all wrong to me, I decided it was Wallaby’s.  The store had a decent liquor selection, but it’s fair to say no one competes with Louisiana grocery stores in that department. I will give credit to their boxed rosé, though.

The rest of the time in Indy was spent at the pool and celebrating our bride-to-be! We had a professional chef come and prepare our food, our own margarita machine and delicious Frosé! (that’s frozen rosé, for those of you who haven’t experienced heaven yet)

The margarita machine had it out for us from the beginning, but the Indy weather held up and the weekend was full of memorable shenanigans.


Now, Norris flew home with me because he was too cute to deflate. I had a direct flight to NOLA, and I decided I wanted a real snazzy cup holder for my bourbon and ginger this time around. To this day, Norris remains a part of my dog mom travels!

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