The Candy Bank on the Lakefront in Mandeville, Louisiana

*I was not financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

Louisiana is home for now, and she is quite famous for her unyielding heat and suffocating humidity. I mean, my plants this year didn’t stand a chance, and I’m pretty sure my pathetic basil plant with one leaf is a pity gesture from God. Regardless, when you are able to find a piece of heaven, real, sweet, indulgent heaven, you scream ‘Bless it’ from the top of your lungs and take it to the bank… the Candy Bank!

I’m all about international travel, and cool climates, but I finally found a piece of happiness away from home. The Candy Bank in Mandeville, Louisiana, is the epitome of nostalgia the second you walk through its doors.

As I stepped over the threshold, Beauty and The Beast was playing over the speaker, and I was instantly hit with the mixed aromas of chocolate and vanilla; memories of my childhood washed over me in waves and I knew this had to be the infamous Candy Land in real life.

Before last week, I’d never heard of The Candy Bank, and now it’s my sole purpose to tell everyone I know about this little get-away from real life. I met the owners, Lisa and Thomas Keiffer, at a patron party for the Junior League of Greater Covington, and they hooked me with talk of Harry Potter candy. (more on that later, everyone!)

They also mentioned their Nitro Coffee. Yes, Nitro Coffee is a very real, very delicious thing that I’m currently obsessed with at the moment! They have the brews on tap, and I felt extremely VIP getting coffee out of a tap while extra-large blow pops were sitting over my right shoulder.

They have three flavors:

  • Nutella Latte
  • Brown Sugar Vanilla Latte (my personal fave, that I get without milk)
  • Costa Rican

They also have floats, other beverages (like old school soda pops) and ice cream. It’s a one-stop shop, y’all.

The Candy Bank In Mandeville Louisiana Front Room with Original Ceiling and Nitro Brew Coffee

I decided that The Candy Bank was going to be ‘my spot‘ to write my new book. The vibe was exactly what I needed and the music exactly what I wanted. Whether it was ABBA Radio or Disney Radio, I could dig it. I have a table in the front of the store, and I told Thomas, if he sees my name etched on the bottom, I don’t know what happened, ha.

*Fun Fact* The Candy Bank was opened up as a real bank in 1906 and was many things before an actual Candy Bank. The tiles and ceiling in the front room are original.

As for the candy, Lisa makes THE.BEST.FUDGE. and so she came out with a tray of fudge cones while I was writing. All of my health-sense went out the window and I indulged. I think the only thing going through my mind was “oh my God…”

Seriously, it was that good!

These aren’t the cones, but this is the fudge. Don’t drool…

Homemade Fudge at the Candy Bank in Mandeville Louisiana on the Lakefront in St Tammany Parish

Here’s the fun part: candy everywhere!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s self-serve (except the fudge, where you can get free samples) and a sweet-tooth’s dream. They have cute buckets, you can see in the pictures, where you place the glass lids while you pour your candy in the bulk bags. They have basically everything!

Shout out to my Harry Potter fans, you can get your Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans at the Candy Bank! There’s no need to go to Universal; although, that’s a magical time, too.

And although I’m sure Turkish Delights have their own history, I associate them with The Chronicles of Narnia, and yeah, the CB has them on the shelves!

See, literally everything.

I can’t thank Lisa and Thomas enough for letting me use the Candy Bank as my second home for writing and escaping the Louisiana climate. It’s the happiest place in St. Tammany Parish, and who knows, maybe the main character in my book will have a Candy Bank experience of her own. I firmly believe everyone needs happiness and a dash of sugar in their lives… and maybe a little nitro coffee, as well!

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