This has been a travel year for the record books. We’ve been to Italy, the UK, Switzerland, the destinations go on. 2019 has a lot to live up to, and we are ready for all of the adventures, friendships, unexpected obstacles and of course, food it plans to send our way!

Some of our trips are spontaneous, however, the following destinations are on my bucket list for 2019:

Portland, Oregon

Last year we did a trip to Seattle and Vancouver and we were obsessed! Naturally, we are going back to the area. This time, we are planning on flying into Portland to experience another beautiful city in the Pacific Northwest. Neither of us has ever been to Oregon, and we are so excited!

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Ever since we left Vancouver, we’ve been planning a trip to Victoria! We are going to take an Amtrak from Portland, OR to Seattle and then take the ferry to Victoria. The scenic view is kinda our jam.

Boston, Massachusetts

If you’re new to following, my heart is somewhere up north, and I adore Boston! We went a few years ago for a wedding, and we are going back for a quick trip. This is going to be the beginning of our Northeastern Road trip! (blog post to come for sure!)

Portland, Maine

Portland, OR and Portland, ME in the same year? Yep. How cool is that?! I think Maine is gorgeous, and were are doing this road trip basically all on travel rewards and points!

St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada

This is the farthest we will go on the road trip and I’m dying, I’m so excited! This seaside destination has so much to offer, and we are packing our golf clubs for this one.

London, UK

If I could scream from the mountain tops “I.LOVE.LONDON.” I would. Unfortunately, New Orleans is below sea level… Cain’s career in insurance gives us the opportunity to travel to London frequently, and for that I am so grateful.

Wales, UK

If we go to London, Cain will be working and I’ll be solo female traveling (again). Wales, here I come.

Vienna, Austria

Cain knows how much I love Christmas, and Vienna has one of the biggest Christmas markets in the world! We would love to take a trip to Vienna (on points and miles of course) and experience the true brilliance of Christmas in Austria.

Orlando, Florida

I’ve been here a million gazillion times. This time I want to run a Disney 5k. The jury is still out, but if I write it down, I have to do it…right?

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